About Us

Sitka Landscaping has been providing professional yard and garden services to Nanaimo and region for over 5 years.  Taking inspiration from the tallest Sitka spruce in the world, which grows locally on Vancouver Island, Sitka Landscaping takes pride in creating naturally beautiful yards and gardens that are economical to develop and easy to maintain.

Known as your constant gardener, Sitka Landscaping understands your garden’s needs and through constant watch and care, keeps your garden and yard in beautiful balance.

Sitka Landscaping specializes in:

  • comprehensive lawn care
  • pruning
  • spring, fall and winter yard clean ups
  • yard staging for home sales
  • fence restoration and new fences
  • garden design, especially low water need gardens, deer proof gardens, and naturally low maintenance gardens
  • garden and yard maintenance, yearly and seasonal garden and yard maintenance

Why choose Sitka Landscaping for gardening and yard services in Nanaimo and region?

Quality & Care

The owner of Sitka Landscaping, Neels Du Plessis, takes a hands on approach to the business.  Raised in the tropics and later spending many happy childhood days on his grandparents’  farms, with fresh produce to be enjoyed every day, trees to climb and farm dams to swim in on hot summer days instilled in Neels an intense love of the outdoors and all things alive and growing. Gardening has been his hobby since early high school, and he has a natural affinity for botany and plants in general. Creating a beautiful world, one garden at a time, is not a job, it is a passion.   Therefore, you won’t find your gardening and yard work left to helpers and novice landscapers.  Sitka Landscapings’ services are always delivered on time, with professional excellence and the same passion for gardening that led to the creation of the business.

Sitka Landscaping only uses quality local products.  While some landscapers will take short cuts to bring about quick results, Sitka Landscaping takes a long term comprehensive approach.   Instead of bringing in sand and sod for new lawns, which is a quick fix used by developers, we do things right the first time with high quality local soil and 2 -3 times the recommended amount of grass seed.  The blend of grass seed we use will also be chosen based on the area and soil conditions as well as the intended use of the yard.

Prompt Response & Excellent Service

We respond to all calls and emails within 24 hours no matter how busy we are.  Generally we are also able to view your garden or yard and provide an estimate for services required within 24 hours as well. Depending on our workload, we make it a priority to tend to your garden or yard project as soon as possible.


Our prices are down to earth and reasonable and the way we operate allows us to provide you with the most economical service possible.   Using local products not only allows us to be environmentally friendly, but helps us to keep transportation costs low.  These savings are passed on to you.

Compared to similar services at other landscaping companies, we’re quite confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our just how reasonable our prices are.


Sitka landscaping works hard to ensure that everything we do meets the highest environmental standards.  In fact with a good understanding of how to take care of gardens and yards properly, environmentalism can flow naturally with no loss of great results.  Lawn care is a good example of how understanding proper care can reduce environmental impacts and actually provide significant benefits to the environment.

The way to reduce a dependence on chemical fertilizers is to develop a healthy lawn, which is naturally resistant to weeds, insects and diseases.  The way Sitka Landscaping improves the quality of your lawn naturally is to:

  • improve the soil quality
  • choose locally adapted grasses
  • mow often, but not too short
  • water deeply, but not too often
  • control thatch build-up

Our focus is on environmental services that minimizing environmental impact, and we do this in many small ways.  We don’t drive a big truck to a job site if it’s not needed for example, and we’ll shop locally for supplies to further reduce our carbon footprint.


If we are not best equipped to deal with an aspect of your garden or yard project, we have a network of trusted businesses that we can refer you to.  We take pride in sticking to what we do best.

Please contact us today to schedule a free estimate of your garden or yard project.