Lawn Care Services

Sitka Landscaping offers complete lawn care services based on the needs of your property.  A lush green lawn and well maintained garden makes your home look more attractive and is the ideal setting for summer activities.  We make the job of maintaining a perfect lawn and yard attainable and in fitting with your budget.

Sitka Landscaping lawn care services include:
•    Mowing and trimming
•    Fertilizing
•    Lawn Aeration
•    Top dressing and over-seeding
•    Use of environmentally friendly products

Lawn Mowing & Trimming

We offer 4-season lawn care from basic lawn mowing to full landscape maintenance. No matter how big or small your lawn care requirements are, we are happy to help.

Our comprehensive lawn care services in Nanaimo, includes mowing, edge trimming around all trees, posts, fencing, sidewalks, patios and driveways, and clean up of grass clippings. Grass clippings are removed and composted.

The Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing

Consistent and regular lawn mowing promotes deeper root growth. Grass with deep root systems have greater access to water and nutrient reserves in the soil thereby increasing its ability to tolerate hot or dry conditions.

When mowed regularly, clippings filter down into the lawn, decompose rapidly, and recycle nutrients back into the lawn.  A thicker, healthier lawn actually helps reduce weeds!  By restricting the amount of light reaching the soil surface, lawn weeds which require light for germination are inhibited from germinating and growing.

Recommended Frequency for Lawn Mowing

At Sitka Landscaping in Nanaimo, BC, we recommend weekly lawn mowing for best results. We also offer a bi weekly service according to suit your preference.


As a part of Sitka Landscaping’s lawn care programs, we use only the finest and most natural fertilizers to achieve outstanding results. In addition, we’ll help you eliminate weeds without the use of any herbicides.

Our comprehensive child & pet friendly fertilizing service will help eliminate weed growth from your lawn. Our typical program consists of a total of several treatments per season.

The Benefits of our Fertilizer Program

We use only safe, environmentally friendly products, so it’s safe to walk on your lawn immediately after it’s treated.  You’ll experience thicker, greener grass and fewer weeds.  Your lawn will not only look more attractive, but will be healthier and more resistant to disease.

Lawn Aeration

Grass roots must have oxygen to be healthy. When soils become compacted there is little room for air or water in the soil composition. In the process of lawn aeration, our Naniamo landscaping team removes several plugs per foot of soil.  This allows the proper ratio of air and water to enter the soil and create healthy grass.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Core aeration is vital to help your lawn become thicker, healthier and more drought & weed resistant. Core aeration can be done at anytime in Spring, Summer, or Fall and is an excellent way to ensure the health of your lawn.

Lime Treatment

Lime treatment for lawns are applied by our Nanaimo landscaping team to help condition your soil by re-balancing its pH level. Soil that has been affected by environmental factors and over-treatment of chemicals can lose its pH balance and become acidic.  Acidic soil creates the conditions for loss of micro-nutrients from the soil.  Ultimately it prevents the proper usage of nutrients by the root system of your lawn.
The Benefits of Lime Treatment

Lime treatment leads to a greener, thicker lawn.  By re-balancing the pH level in the soil, your lawn’s roots will increase their capacity to absorb essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium and break them down more effectively.

Is moss growth or thatch a problem for your lawn?  Repeated applications of Lime will reduce soil acidity and remove conditions for moss growth. Additionally, Lime application increases the activity of micro-organisms in the soil which helps decrease thatch.

Lime treatments should be done by our landscaping team at least once per season – in either the Spring or Fall.

Contact Sitka Landscaping today to get a quote on your lawn care requirements.  We offer reliable and professional landscaping services at a reasonable cost.  From lawn mowing, to aeration, fertilizing and weed control, we’re here to handle all of your landscaping and lawn care needs in Nanaimo, BC.