Seasonal Cleanups

Seasonal Yard Cleanup Services

Leaf Removal

During seasonal transitions like spring and fall, there are some basic yard maintenance we can do to makeyour yard look spectacular all year.  Sitka Landscaping specialized in spring, fall and winter cleanups, so contact us for professional assistance with these important tasks.

In the fall it’s time to clean up your yard and prepare for the cool and wet days of Nanaimo’s winter months.  A little work in the fall will give you a good return when spring comes.  In the spring it’s time to make sure your yard and garden have the optimal conditions to grow and look great all season long.  With some proper preparation, you’ll have less to do and enjoy great results.

We always start by assessing your specific yard needs.  Typically, with fall maintenance we start at the top, by pruning trees, trimming hedges and cleaning gutters. We’ll finish on the ground with lawn maintenance, and a thorough garden clean-up.

Sitka Landscaping, in Nanaimo, B.C. offers the following Yard Clean-up Services in the Fall, Spring and Winter:

  • Leaf Removal
  • Flower Bed Clean-up
  • Garden Clean-up
  • Fence-Lines
  • Corners
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Lawn Maintenance

Leaf Removal

Leaf cleanup may not be everyone’s favourite task but it will benefit your landscape and garden in the long run. Whether you like it or not, it must be done. Sitka Landscaping is here to help ease the burden of raking and removing leaves for composting.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you must clean up fallen leaves, the answer is, “yes!” Fallen leaves block light to grass, flowers, and even moss, so if you want a healthy, vibrant lawn and spectacular flowerbeds, you need to pay attention to the fallout of autumn’s beautiful colors.

We’ll make sure your fallen leaves are composted and eventually contribute to improving the soil rather than filling a land fill.

Gutter Cleaning

Now is a good time to clear leaves and debris from your gutters and ensure proper drainage of your roof to avoid costly breakdowns when the cooler wet Nanaimo weather hits. Let us do the work for you on this important home maintenance task.

Pruning Trees and Hedges

Trim overgrown areas and remove dead limbs before they weaken and fall under winter snows. Thinning your trees in the fall will give your hedges and trees better growth in the spring and not dampen the bloom of their leaves and flowers.  For larger trees, this important maintenance task may even save you a roof-repair bill from broken branches during winter storms.

Clean Your Deck

Spring is a great time to have your decks professionally pressure washed to clean the mould, mildew and grime from your deck.  Sitka Landscaping has all the tools and expertise to do this quickly and efficiently.

Maintain Your Vegetable Garden

In the fall it’s time to clean and clear your vegetable garden. We’ll help you dig out old vegetable plants, remove and compost them. Depending on your garden, we often till vegetable plots, and add several inches of compost to prepare the soil for spring planting. When compost is worked into the soil it also helps with drainage, allowing rainwater to pass through more easily.

Lawn Maintenance

Fall lawn care will yield maximum results in the spring.  We’ll help you to:

  • Aerate compacted soil and remove thatch
  • Use fall lawn fertilizer to improve soil conditions for spring growth
  • Mow grass to a proper length
  • Clear dried grass clippings and leaves from your driveway, patio or deck

Cleanup Your Garden Bed

As the growing season ends in the summer months, we’ll help you give your flower garden a cleaning up and prepare it for spring. Decaying plants, and weeds can be a welcoming and environment for fungi and bacteria to grow and a great place for insects to lay eggs. Clearing it now will save you work and expense in the spring.

Once your garden is cleaned up, we’ll help feed your soil by adding fertilizer, compost and topsoil. We can also cover the garden with bark mulch to help prepare it for next spring.

Contact Sitka Landscaping in Nanaimo for your seasonal clean-up services.  We look forward to hearing from you!