Planting Shrubs and Trees

lavender nanaimoFinding the perfect trees and shrubs to plant in your yard requires that you consider the amount of sunshine and conditions the plants needs to thrive.  Here are a few suggestions for where to plant your shrubs and trees for optimally happy plants.  Since Sitka Landscaping is located in Nanaimo, BC, these suggestions are based on popular trees and shrubs in the Vancouver Island region.  Happy gardening in Nanaimo!

Let’s start from those plants that most love sun exposure to those which least like it.

High Sun Exposure

Lavenders are very hardy and drought resistant plants, and don’t mind baking in the sun. Plant them in a shady area of your yard and they will not thrive as much as in an area that receives intense sunlight.  In fact, damp soil is often responsible for killing lavender plants. If high humidity is a problem in the summer, make sure you have plenty of space between your plants for air flow and in this case it is especially important to plant your lavenders in a sunny location. Generally the Southern and Western facing part of your garden is very hot and sunny in the summer and a good spot for Lavenders.

Partial Sun Exposure

Rhododendrons are mountain plants, growing where there is always a slope for excess water to drain away, and this drainage is important for their happiness. Healthy development of rhododendrons requires that soil must be consistently moist but never soggy.  Proper soil should hold enough moisture between rains, but watering may be necessary in drought conditions. Some sun is necessary to encourage bud formation but shade needs to be provided during the hottest part of the day in summer.

Other popular yard plants in Nanaimo, Ladysmith and Parksville, that thrives in similar conditions to the rhododentron is the Japanese maple and Camelia Japonica.

Low Sun Exposure

Hydrangeas like wet, even soggy, shady environments best and do best under larger trees, they dislike baking in the sun late afternoon. They prefer full sun in the morning, with some afternoon shade; however, many will grow and bloom in partial shade. This is especially true for the bigleaf hydrangeas.

Other popular Nanaimo plants that prefer shaded areas of the yard are Hostas and most ferns.

Every yard is a little different, however, so if you’re unsure of the amount of sun exposure you’re getting in your yard, it’s a good idea to have a professional landscaper’s opinion before you get started.  Sitka Landscaping provides a gardening consulting service to answer these types of questions and help you choose trees and shrubs for your yard.

Sitka Landscaping has been providing professional landscaping, lawn & garden care and fence building and repair services in Nanaimo, B.C. for over 5 years.  We are dependable landscape experts, priding ourselves in providing landscaping, lawn & garden care and fence building and repair services in Nanaimo on time and at a reasonable cost.

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