How to Fertilize Your Lawn and Garden

It’s great to get professional lawn and garden care advice when it comes to how and when to fertilize your lawn and garden. In fact there are several complex factors at play and the wrong application of fertilizer can actually harm your lawn or garden plants.

At Sitka Landscaping, we take a holistic approach to fertilizing you lawn and garden in Nanaimo. Looking at the whole picture over the long term, it is better to keep the soil healthy than to allow it to deplete and then try to correct the problem with chemical fertilizers. Therefore, when it comes to your lawn, good compost is often better than fertilizer. It not only brings in vital nutrients, it also helps to improve the soil eco-system. Healthy soil equals healthy roots and plants.

When it comes to your garden plants, such as shrubs, they only need a little bit of fertilizer once a year at the beginning of the growing season so that vigorous new growth has time to harden off before winter. Sitka Landscaping uses only one professional slow release brand, the same as local nurseries.

Acer Palmatum, also known as the Japanese Maple is happy with bark mulch only. Its roots, like many shallow rooted shrubs, are sophisticated and sensitive. Indiscriminate use of fertilizer will easily burn the roots and harm or kill the plant. Instead of using chemical fertilizer, most landscapers will agree that good compost usually wins the day in this situation too. It also feeds the soil and soil organisms. It makes sense; give the earthworms food, and they will feed the plants.

If you are thinking about whether you should be fertilizing your lawn or garden today, it’s important to consider the type of plant and the time of year it is. Not all fertilizers are created equal. Consider getting some professional advice on when and how to fertilize your yard and plants. This information can be used each year and your investment will pay dividends in the form of a spectacular lawn and garden.

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