Are you watering your lawn and garden or just the weeds?

It’s important to know that lawns, trees, fruit bearing trees, shrubs, vegetables, garden finery and small plants all have different water needs and therefore can’t automatically be treated the same when it comes time to water them.

Soil type also factors into the equation.  Are your soils sandy, loamy or clay? Sandy soils dry out much faster and needs more top dressings and food supplements.

The age and development of plants’ root systems are yet another important factor.  New plants have small roots systems and even if they are drought resistant, will die if left unattended, especially in the first three years.

A plant that is tough and drought tolerant still needs water! It may survive but without looking pretty.  The Californian Lilac, for example, does not like to be watered in summer, but if you have sandy soils, the younger ones will die if they are never watered.

A drip system for watering plants, shrubs and trees is preferable to mist systems. Sprinkling for 15 minutes every second day is not good at all, unless you are just tending a few flowers – vegetables want water every day, especially if they are in pots. Potted plants can die within one day on a really hot, dry and windy summers day! If you have thick bark mulch, it takes a good soak to water plants, otherwise only the mulch gets water, and the mulch has to be loosened often, otherwise weeds will eventually take over. A good compost is a better idea than the popular mulch alternative because it also looks attractive, brings nutrients into your garden, and allows water can get to the plant roots more easily.

Here are some general rules about watering:

  • water early in the day
  • soak the soil rather than mist
  • give a lawn one good watering of at least one inch per week rather than a little bit every second day

If your lawn gets just a little bit of water, the weeds will do very well!  In summer it is better to have a longer, lush, well fed lawn, it can handle dry weather better and weeds have a hard time.

If you have any doubts about the best way to water your lawn and garden, give us a call to arrange a professional consultation.

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